Y. Cee Company Limited started in 1990 and our main business is provided package deal of waterproofing system, coatings system, light and heavy duty decking system and injection repairing [epoxy / polyurethane resin].

We worked with Permaquik Canada in early beginning which provided total waterproofing system for foundation, plaza deck, roofing and bridge decking. Beside that, Y. Cee Company Limited work together with several main waterproofing materials supplier such as Tremco, Shell, Fosroc … etc.

Since then, we have developed incessantly into other lines of business, in keeping steps with the quick economic growth of Hong Kong.

Dufay Decorative & Protective Coating System – U.K.
Alkyd, acrylic, vinyl, chlorinated rubber, bitumen, epoxy & polyurethane … different resin coatings.

Dufay Epoxy / Polyurethane [ light & heavy duty ] Flooring System – U.K.
Carpark, ramp, loading & unloading areas … etc.

Spalling repair & crack repair epoxy & polyurethane injection system

To ensure the quality of our provided system, labour was trained by quality controller from factories which make sure all working steps are followed manufacturer instruction.